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Guys, if you are searching for instagram bio in punjabi? then you have come to the right place, here we have shared instagram bio in punjabi that you can copy and paste in instagram bio.

Hello Friends welcome to the Yohohindi blog. Today’s in this post we have shared best instagram bio in punjabi for boys & girls. If you are thinking to add best punjabi bio in your Instagram bio then here are best punjabi instagram bio for you. Select your favorite punjabi instagram bio from here then copy and paste in your Instagram bio.

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Instagram Bio in Punjabi 2023

🥰Welcome To My Profile💘
🤠Punjabi Boy👨
🤝Dosto Ki Jaan😍
❣️Yaaro Ka Yaar💘
🎂Cake Muder 🔪 9 June👑

👑Official Account❣️
♥️Punjab Wale♥️
🔥My life My Rules💪
🔩Gym Addicted 😘
♍I’m not Rich But I’m Royal 👑
😎Attitude Depends On You🔥
🔥Royal Entry on 6th March 🎂

✌️PB 10 Ludhiana 🏘️
😍Wish me 🎂 10 August
😉Single 💯
😘Pet lover 🐩
🎶Music lover🎶

😎Mr. Perfect Punjabi😎
🎵Music Lover😘
😎Bindass Boy😎
🙏Respect For Girls🙏
👑Wish me on 9 April🎂
😎Attitude Depends On You😎

༺👑Punjabi Munda👑༻
♥️Love 💓Mom Dad ♥️
🎂Royal Entry on 12 Nov🎂
🎶Music Lover🎶
💪Cricket Lover🥎
❣️Big Fan of Bebe Papu Da😍
♥️Girls were respect ♥️

➡️Welcome To My Profile♥️
👑Punjabi Boy👑
🔥Crazy 🔥Evil👻
😎Attitude Inbuilt😎
♥️Royal Enfield Lover🏍️
😘Happy In Single😘
🥰Wish Me On 10 September🎉

👑 Punjabi Munda👑
🕉️Mahakal Bhakt🕉️
🎶Music Addicted🎶
🔥Racing Lover🏁
🙏🏻Waheguru ji 🙏🏻
🎂Birthday party🔪 6th April🎂

♥️Official Account👑
😘Bindass Ladka😉
😇Date of Birth 22 Feb🎉
😘Proud To Be Farmer♥️
😍Cricket Lover🏏
💪Big Fan Of Bebe_bapu😘
♥️Single But Still Happy😉

Punjabi Bio For Instagram

⚫Welcome to My Profile 😍
⚫Punjabi Boy🥰
⚫Ziddi Dil 😘
⚫Fitness Lover💪
⚫👑Dilon ka Raja👑
⚫Love My 💓Mom & Dad 💕
⚫ Cake Murder on 24 May🎂

🔥Mr Punjabi 😎
👫 Mom + Dad
👉 My World 💖
💪 Champion 🏆
😎Attitude 🔥
🎶 Music in my🩸
♥️Photography ♥️
😘 Love My Friends 💝
❤️ Birthday Bash on 17 June

🤘Punjabi Ladka😎
👬Friends Ki Jaan😘
❣️Holic 🏍️🏏📸
💁Single 💯
💪Insta Star👑
⚡Royal Entry ❣️ 19 August

🔥Punjab Wale🔥
😇Khatro Ka Kheladi🖤😘
💞Sports Bike Lover💞
🎓 Student 📚
🎵Music Addict🎶
😍Wish me on 8th July❤️

👑Nickname Branded👑
😘Love My Family♥️
🩸Royal Blood🩸
💪 Fitness For Fight💯
🎮Game Changer🎲
🏠From Punjab 💘
🍰Cake Muder on 30 March 🎂

🖤Royal Punjabi😎
♥️Gym Løvèr 💪
🤠Funky Boy🔥
🖤Black Lover🖤
👔Unique Style Guy💓
🎂Wish me on 29 September🎂

👿Devil Jatt🤛
💪Gym 🏋️‍♂️lover
📸Photography lover
✌️Fan of bebe 👳‍♂️ bapu
🥰Respect 🙇‍♀️ girls
😍Cake Muder 🔪 26 August💕

Instagram bio in punjabi for girls

👸Punjabi Kudi😘
😍Shopping lover💄👛👗
🥰Happy in Life💕
🍭Chocolate lover
😎Attitude queen
🏙️From Punjab
🪔Blow Candels on 6 July🎂

😇Papa Ki Princess😇
👩Punjabi Girl👩
😉Bak Bak Machine😉
😍Besties Lover😍
🎼 Music lover💟
🎹 Piano Lover🎹
🍰Cake Muder 🔪 January 27 🎂

💓Cute Princess 👑
💕Love ♥️Mom & Dad♥️
🎶Music Addict🎵
➡️From Chandigarh 🏡
🕉️MaHakal Bhakt🙏
😘Royal Entry 7 August🎉

😝Miss Punjabi🙅
🤳Selfie lover♥️
💰Big Dreamer 😍
🚫Never Attitude🚫
🎂Cake Muder Day 8 May 🎂

🌹Miss. Name🦄
🙏🏻Waheguru ji 🙏
🎂Wish me on 5 Dec🎂🍫
❤️Love ♥️ Maa Paa 😘
😎My Attitude Depends On
🤜How You Treat Me 🤙

👑Bindass Kudi👑
🔥Royal Blood🩸
💪Fitness lover🏋️
❣️Fan Bebe bapu ♥️
😘Stay Single😘
😉Stay Happy😉
😍Wish me ➡️ 28 March🎂

👉Punjabi Girl👸
👉Crazy Girl😉
👉Love to listen Music🎶
👉Piano Lover♥️
👉Nature Lover🌲
👉Shopping lover 😍😍
👉Cake Kill on 9 July🍰

💯Official Account🔐
💚 Selfie Queen 🤳
🖤Attitude Queen 🔥
💙Punjab ki Kudi😉
❣️Love💓 Mom & Dad💓
🎂Wish me 🖤 20 July🎂

Instagram bio for boys in punjabi

🤜Punjabi Boy🤛
😍 My Life💝
😘 My Choices😘
😉 My Mistakes😉
🤗 My Lessons🤗
😏 Not Your Business

♥️Mom Dad 👉 My World ♥️
👑King of 🔟 January 👑
💪Champion 🏆
🎶Music Lover 🎶
❤️Punjab Wale🏡
😘 Love My Friends 💖
💙Respect For Girls☺

😎MR. Perfect😎
👑Royal Entry 🤜 19 Nov🎂
🙏Waheguru Ji🙏
🎵Music Addict🎶
😎Attitude Wale😎
😎Life Line.. S💘

😆Hak Se Single🤭
🌟Wish Me on 5th September✨

💓Simple Boy💓
🎂Wish Me On 17 May🎂
😉Crazy Munda😉
🎵Fan Of Bebe Bapu 🎵
🏍️~KtM Lover~🏍️
♥️Bhangra lover♥️

👑Singh Is King 👑
😈Jab Dushmani Me 😈
♦️Maja Aane Lagta He ♦️
😎To Saale Dushman 😎
♦️Maafi Magne Lag Jate Hai♦️

💓MR. Name😎
✌️Fan of (name)✌️
😎 Attitude Boy😎
📷 Photography📷
🎶Music Lover🎶
😘Proud🤘to Be A Farmer🚜
🎂Royal Entry 21 April🎂

Best Instagram Bio in Punjabi

😇Wish me on 10 August🎂🎉
👉Punjabi Boy😎
🥎Sports Lover🏏
😘Proud To Be Punjabi♥️
😎 Attitude King🔥
😘Big Fan Bebe bapu😘
♥️Single But No Available 💢

😄Punjabi BOY🙃
😎 Sharif Bacha 😎
🎉 Wish me 🍰 7th January🎉
😇Simple Boy😇
😘🍺Beer And Chai☕😘
🛣️Bike Ride Lover⛽
😊Focus 😃Future

😘Chocolate boy 👱
😱Game Changer↪️
😋 Foodie 🖤⚡
🏹 Bowhunting
🔥Killer Attitude 😎
➡️From Punjab
🕉 Mahakal Bhakt🔱🙏🏻

♥️》Punjabi Munda ♥️
😘》Dosto Ka Dost🥰
♥️》Insta KinG🔥
😘》Single boy😝
♥️》Big Fan Of Bebe♥️
😘》Wish me 🎂17 March💓

Welcome to My Profile💞
😜Boy🤜 Punjabi🔥
Bindass Life🖤😘
Future Doctor💉💊
Music Addicted🎶
Wish me on 27 March🎁

💁Im punjabi Boy🌟
Friends Call Me Kameena boy😜
😍Cake Murder on🔪 20 May🎂

MR. punjabi 😎》
💝Mom + Dad 💖#myworld》
💝#love you #frinds 💞》
🎂#Birthday 10 march🎂》
😘#photography lover》

⚫🅾️fficial 🅰️ccount🔐
⚫From Punjab 🏡
⚫Music Lover🎶
⚫Sports ♥️🏏🥎⛳
⚫KTM Lover❣️
⚫Big Dreamer💵
⚫Wahe Guruji🌟
⚫Wish Me On 18 February 🎂

Bio for instagram in punjabi

🖤I Love My 💓 Punjab🖤
😎Wish me on 10 August 🍰
😘 Punjabi Boy♥️
😘Pagal Diwana😘
🎧Music Addict💋
❌ Attitude 🚫
😍Sport Bike Lover💓

👿BaD_bo¥ ☠️🚬
🤘Royal Punjabi🌇🌁
🔥Born on 3rd June
👔Simple Boy
✈️🏖️ hØlîC
♍I’m not Rich ßut I’m Royal 👑

♥️Mr. Punjabi😎
😌Friendship Goals👈
💚Mom Dad My Life 💘
🎶Music addict🎧
⚡PB Wale🌃
😇Happy Soul 👻
😍Big Dreamer ♥️
🍰Wish me on 6th April🎂

Flirty Boy 🤓
Cool Munda 🤗
Love Thougthful 😘
SearcHing my RajkumAri 💋
Punjabi songs loVer 😉😉😉
Music lover🎧🎧
Cake Cut On 7 FEBRUARY 🍮

King Of My Queen👑
My Life My Rules🔥
My Attitude 😎
Unique Persnality 👔
🎧Music Addict🎶
Punjabi Boy 💥
Royal_Entry 28 September🎂

🎂 Cake murder on 1st March 🎂
📏 5.9. ft
😉 Sports Bike lover😍
👉 Mumbaikar 😎
🙈 Fashion Guy 👱
🙋 Lifestyle lover

༺👑Devil Boy👑༻
♥️My World 💓Mom Dad ♥️
😎PB Wale🔥
🎂Royal Entry 👉 19 Nov🎂
🎶Music Lover🎶
💪Gym Addict♥️
❣️I Enjoy My Life😍
😎 Inbuilt 👑Attitude🔥

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