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Friends, if you are looking for Islamic bio for Instagram? Instagram bio for muslim boys or girls then you have come to the right place, here you will find many islamic instagram bios.

If you want best Muslim bio or Islamic bio, then read this post completely, here we have shared many Instagram bio muslim for boys and girls & Islamic bio for Instagram.

From here you can choose a good bio for your Instagram profile.

Best Instagram Bio For Muslim 2023

Instagram Bio For Muslim

Proud to be Muslim 👑
10 may 🎂
Alhamdulillah for everything❤️
I hate cheaters!! 🙄🖕
be happy ands mile❤️

My Life My Rules💥
😍Only Enjoy 🤘
❎No. GF 🤘
⚚Still Single
💫Proud to be Muslim💕
📷 Photography 💕
🍩BDay Party 22 Jan🎂

📸 Photoholic 📸
🏍Speed rideR🏍
👸Crush no Available in 🌍
😁Alone But Happy😁

🎉Spècíãl-31 Dêç🎂
🏍️ Bîké Løvër 🏍️
👉Proud to be Indian Muslim 😊

Bad Munda 🐼
B.COM || M.B.A🎓
⏩ Fashion blogger
Muslim 🤲
love #🍕 ✈️ 😊❤😍
✌️💪I stand my life💪✌️
📩DM for promotions

Born on JULY 11st🥰
Love painting🖌🎨 and skating ⛸
Books lover❤📚
😍Passion: Travelling ♥
I love Islam ❤️
From INDIA👉🇮🇳👈

Banda kadak hai 👑
InstaHolic 👑
₦Ø 💉💊🍻🚬
Farmer Boy🎋🚜
Living 🏠(nam)
🙏🏻 Indian Muslim 🤲

Cutie Pie 😍😘❤
Hijab is the beauty of
every muslim women🧕
Pretty princess 😍
Proud 2 be muslim😇
Alhamdulillah 4 everything❤
Love my momdad😘

Islamic Bio For Instagram

Islamic Bio For Instagram

👑Mr. khan
I love Islam ☺
Alhamdulillah for everything
Proud to be Muslim🤲
🔥Hanikarak 🔥

😤i hate attitude girls😤

$@ND¥ 😎
Hey there!
🌱 Nature Lover
🙋 Muslim
🏏Love To Play
😎 SinGle
dream ( 👩‍🦳 💕 👨‍🦳 )


↔First cry on Earth 1st May 😉
↔Ľuv Dãirýmïlķ🍫
↔Simple Girl 😇
↔I am single.. B’coz
baby ko koi pasand hi nhi❌hai😂

✌ Kisi ke hath na aayega ye ladka 😉 
😊 23 Feb🎂 
👉 Duke lover ✌ 
😘 Intresting in photography📷 
👉 Fb❌ only Insta😘
🤲Alhamdulillah for everything💫

😄Kameena BOY🙃
😎 Sharif Bacha 🚫
🎉 Wish me 🍰 11 Jun🎉
😊 Focus on Future 😃


Food🍔 FasHion 🥀 ✨ Travel🌏
👻 Happiest
( Gym Lover)
9 Oct My Bday 🥳
❤💫मुस्कुराते चेहरे + राज गहरे ❤🌠

Zoya ❤
Love my attitude🔰
Landed on April 11😈
Die hard😙fan of cherry🍒
Dad’s Girl 👑
Your ego my foot👣
Single but not ready to mingle ☝

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Instagram Bio For Muslim Boys

Instagram Bio For Muslim Boys

One …life…Jio ..dil.. khol ke..🔥😊
My life story reality
i..m.. single..Boy.😊
🎧 music 🎧-phtogrphy 📷 lover
Proud to be Muslim 👑
my bday 22 may🎂
👉 killer-😎-attitude

🎂 Cake murder on 3rd July
📏 5.9. ft
😉 Cricket lover😍
👉 Muslim boy 😎
🙈 Fashion Guy 👱
🙋 Lifestyle lover ✌
👉Photography 📸

Sad Girl 🥀
👑26 august🎉🎂.
Moody👻👻 and Foodie😋😉.
Love💟 and peace✌🏻🥀.
Black Lover🖤.
Proud to be Muslim. 🤲
Maybe none of us can say who we truly are. ✨

》▪Mr. Perfect😎
》▪First Cry On Oct 7😭
》▪Single ☺️
》▪Proud to be Muslim
》▪Music Lover🎶
》▪Biryani Lover🍕

It is better to💪
fight and fall👎
down again!!!
than living without hope💔💔
Be a ☠️beast☠️ for your best😎

↔Badmash Boy 👑
↔My Day>12/5.🍺
↔ Proud to be Muslim.👱 
↔its Devil 😈
↔NicK Name: name😉
↔Bio end by by.👈

🔥Mr Prince 🤴🏻
👰🏻‍♀️Love My Pagli😉
😍GYM LøVèr 💪
🥰Proud to be Muslim😌
👉Wish Me🎂 10th may💕

👑 Badmashi King 😎
👦Desi Londa 😘
🎂 Wish Me 27 May 🎂
👰 हँसी 😄 To फसी ❣
💘 Heart Hacker 😍

Short Islamic Bio for Instagram

  • I’m not alone Allah is always with me.
  • I believe in the religion of Islam, I believe in Allah and peace.
  • I believe in Allah and everything is possible.
  • Everything I do is for the pleasure of Allah.
  • Allah is enough for me.
  • Trust in Allah and all will be well.
  • Proud to be a Muslim.
  • My success can only come from Allah.
  • Muslims believe in one God – Allah.
  • Life is a journey, make the most of it with Islam.
  • My fate is in the hands of almighty Allah.
  • Alhamdulillah for all the blessings in my life.

Islamic Instagram Bio Ideas

Islamic Instagram Bio

I love Islam ❤️ 
Alhamdulillah for everything 💫
Music student 🎶🎶 
Future singer 😘😍❤🎶 
Cheap comment directly block 🚫 
Chocolate lover 😘😍😘😍 
8th Sep 🎂 my b’day

♔Official account
👉I’m Muslim☺️
👍LoGin In The World 21 Jan🎂
👔Simple Boy
🏍📸 hØlîC
♍I’m not Rich ßut I’m Royal 👑

❣️1st kîßß😘 øñ 14 d€¢
❣️ßrãñdèd kámîñí❣️
❣️bláçk løvér 🖤🖤
❣️káñjûûs ék ñø 😉
❣️çáñt lîvé widøût my📱
❣️møthêr👅 kashmiri

🔹ωєℓϲοмє το мγ ωοяℓ∂ 🌍
🔹ρяου∂ το ϐє  мυѕℓιм👳‍♀️ 
🔹¢яι¢кєт ℓσνєя.🏏
🔹κιи∂ ϐογ 😊
🔹Ꮠαи οᏐ ❤ραяєиτѕ👥
🔹κιиᏀ 👑οᏐ нατєяѕ💪
🔹οᏐᏐιϲιαℓ αϲϲουиτ🔥

▫️My First Smile On 12/10😊
▪️Lover Of My Parents👪
▫️FuNNy 》》100%😉
▪️It’s Musicholic Banda🎶
▫️It’s bad Boy👱
▪️Proude To Be A Muslim 🤲

Papa ki princess 👸 
Mom ki Jaan 😀 
Gym Lover 💪 
Love Islam 😌 
Proud to be muslim ✌ 
Always Simple and Classy 😜 
101% Single 😁 
DM=block ❌

👉Mr. Perfect😎
💪 Gym Freak⚡
🎵Music Addict🎶
💝Friends Forever👬
Alhamdulillah for everything😘
👑Cake Murder on 20 April🎂

Instagram Bio for Muslim Girls

Instagram Bio for Muslim Girls

😣 Simpl Girl
📷 Photography
🐁Animal Lover
🍬Chocolate Lover
😭First Cry On 11th March
💊Medical Student
Proud to be Muslim

I’m in Love with my freedom💖

A girl should be like a Butterfly….
🐝 Pretty to see and hard to catch….💕❤

It’s name 🤞
Video Creator
💙3 Million+ Family 💙
Lovely girl 😍
🖤€Black lov€r 🖤
From #name🤙
<❤️💫>🦋. butterfly..🦋
Alhamdulillah for everything

😘Its Shalima😘
I’m not perfect
👉but stories are always better
with a touch of imperfection😉
1st cry on 7 march🎉
Music lover 🎧🎼🎵
Proud to be Muslim 😍
Nature lover🌳🌎

Butterfly 🦋
Love Chocolates🍫 ❤💞
Foodie 😍
Call me name plzzz 😁
Student 📚
Happy soul 😇
Mid night wishes on 15th July 🎉🎂

♡♪Miss Cool♪♡°•••
✨i love islam
Believe in yourself😎
Dancing queen👑
Black lover 🖤
😤Don’t Show Me Your Attitude 🤣
As U Can’t Handle Mine 😎
👑I’m queen of my life✨💫

cutiee kusum 🥰🥰
▪️Wish me _ _ 7 September❤
▫️Call me_ _ kusu🙈
▪️Friends_ _ forever😊
▫️Instagram_ lover 😜 ▪️Age _ 18🔥
▫️proud to be Muslim _
▪️Dairy milk_ _😘

👸|| Princess ||👸
🦁 Attitude girl 🦁
🎂Wish me on 12 jun.
😊Enjoy every moment of life😊
👉Alhamdulillah for everything👈

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